"goosebumps included"
"High quality video for the budget minded"

Sample Express Videos:

* Some Restrictions apply. Contact Corporate Discount Videos for more details.

Express Videos

quick, professional & customized for your business

Express Videos allow companies and individuals to quickly get professional, customized videos to use on websites, youtube, social media, marketing or other channels, without breaking the bank. 

This is a simple, 30 second to 2 minute, one camera set up at one location video. We'll shoot you or a representative reading your customized script in front of a green screen or other background of choosing. We'll film it with pro lighting, sound, HD Camera, add music,  your logo and contact information and do the editing. We can also add  or shoot "B" roll footage, photos, text and or graphs, at a reduced rate. We can provide a teleprompter and we'll even upload to your social media if needed.*